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Always Learning.

We are a learning organization that supports and empowers all of our team members to grow their skills within their various roles and beyond. This allows us to identify aptitudes within our staff and opens up career growth paths for talented people. We know firsthand that a photo editor can become a creative director, a production designer can become a finance leader, and a front desk administrator can become a designer and social media wizard. What’s your path?

Locally Focused.

We eat local- from the food we make and stock at the Rock Bay Market, to the ingredients we infuse in our brews at Cultured Kombucha. We support local- through our initiatives with the Rock Bay Business Community we’ve enriched the neighbourhood where we work and play. We work local- helping restaurant, service and hospitality clients connect with the world. And we share local stories- working with stakeholders at destination marketing organizations promoting responsible travel throughout the province.

Stay Small, Get Big.

We believe in the power of small businesses and are proud to support many successful local entrepreneurs (that we’re proud to call friends). We’ve learned that very few businesses have ‘simple problems’, so when we’re called to help, we bring a wide range of expertise. By sharing resources within in our own family of small businesses we have built a team that can solve just about anything, and we love sharing these skills to help other organizations thrive.

a unique space that inspires unique people.

Our team blends remote and in-office hours, providing true hybrid flexibility for people to do their best work. Located in Victoria, BC’s historic Rock Bay, the colourful building we affectionately call The Compound dates back to 1904. Just about as wonderful and weird as we are, our offices are perfectly suited for everything from client meetings to karaoke parties. We have an in-house green-screen studio for our Quiz This broadcasts, a food market with house-made and local provisions, and a kombucha brewery, plus functional workshops, rooftop gardens, and a breathtaking view of the sunset every day of the year.

Is it hard to do good in the community?

Not really – but it takes effort! That’s why we stay connected, so we can help find ways to support and enrich the community we work and play in.

We support important local projects focusing on food security, placemaking, beautification, and events, we help develop human connection and mutual aid opportunities for real folks in our local Rock Bay neighbourhood.