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Case Study

Alberta Ale Trail

Tourism marketing campaign with the goal to inspire craft beer focused travellers to explore Alberta and discover the unique and innovative craft breweries across the beautiful province.

Learn more about Alberta Ale Trail

BC Farmers’ Market Trail Stories

The documentary series BC Farmers' Market Trail Stories, an extension of the work we do for the BC Farmers' Market Trail, allowed us the unique opportunity to highlight the incredible individuals behind the province's farmers' markets, and the agriculture industry.

Learn more about BC Farmers’ Market Trail Stories

Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce

We're always proud to produce high quality videos to celebrate the local Victoria businesses and community leaders highlighted annually at the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce Business Awards.

Learn more about Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce

Voices On The Rise

In collaboration with TELUS Originals and visual artist and curator Eli Hirtle, our video team has travelled to Indigenous communities across BC and Alberta to experience the multitude of ways passionate individuals are reclaiming their identity, culture, and traditions.

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Case Study

The BC Bird Trail

Since launching in the fall of 2020, this cooperative tourism marketing campaign has brought together dozens of tourism and conservation partners throughout British Columbia; quickly becoming the leading source of information on birdwatching attractions, activities, and accommodations in the province.

Learn more about The BC Bird Trail

Beehive Wool Shop

Creating a buzz-worthy brand with the passionate owners of Beehive Wool Shop.

Learn more about Beehive Wool Shop

Experience Comox Valley

We work a lot in provincial tourism, so any opportunity to collaborate with an organization in our own backyard is a particularly special opportunity.

Learn more about Experience Comox Valley

Ciao Chili

Matt Cusano came to us to help design the creative marketing assets required to launch his new Ciao Chili brand, and its first star product: a locally produced, Calabrian Vinaigrette.

Learn more about Ciao Chili
Case Study

Brentwood Bay Resort

The senior management team at Brentwood Bay Resort came to us looking for help elevating their existing brand to new heights. They needed an expanded brand identity, physical collateral templates, and an all new website to tell their story and separate themselves from the competition. We were excited to help!

Learn more about Brentwood Bay Resort

Rock Bay Market

When Cultured Kombucha started thinking about expanding into food, we joined in on the fun and helped design an entirely new brand to help them open a brick and mortar storefront in Rock Bay. They've kept us well fed ever since, and we're very happy about that.

Learn more about Rock Bay Market

Commemorate 50

An initiative from the Office of the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia highlighting the 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalization of homosexuality in Canada.

Learn more about Commemorate 50

Stories from The BC Bird Trail

After launching the BC Bird Trail in 2020, we identified opportunities to connect deeper into the province's birding and conservation community, resulting in the ongoing documentary series Stories from The BC Bird Trail.

Learn more about Stories from The BC Bird Trail
Case Study

AURA Restaurant

Since 2018 we’ve supported the Inn at Laurel Point with dynamic creative strategies and original designs, so they turned to us to help reimagine AURA, renowned onsite restaurant and bar... the process was delicious.

Learn more about AURA Restaurant

LifeCycles Project

We had the pleasure of working with the Victoria-based community organization LifeCycles Project on a revised visual identity, and brand-new website to help share their message.

Learn more about LifeCycles Project

Oscar & Libby’s

An efficient brand update for the upbeat and offbeat.

Learn more about Oscar & Libby’s

Homemade: The Series

Meet the Canadians choosing to do home differently.

Learn more about Homemade: The Series

Discovery Coffee

For a bustling local coffee company with eyes on the future, an expanded brand identity and e-commerce solution was just what they needed.

Learn more about Discovery Coffee

Rock Bay Business Community

The Rock Bay Business Community began as a collaboration with the other incredible locally owned and operated businesses that make up our neighbourhood in Rock Bay. We banded together to collaborate with neighbourhood businesses on unique initiatives that uplift our community and support the real people who work, live and play here.

Learn more about Rock Bay Business Community
Case Study

BC Ale Trail

A truly full-service project creating, launching and managing one of North America’s largest craft beer marketing campaigns.

Learn more about BC Ale Trail


Working with TELUS Originals, our video team gained unprecedented access to Langford's historical Western Speedway to help tell the story of a local racing community, and the fierce competition between two racers.

Learn more about Speedway!

Crag X Climbing Centre

We’ve been friends, neighbours and partners with Crag X for years. But as they moved out of Rock Bay and into their new state-of-the-art facility on Pandora it was clear their identity needed an update.

Learn more about Crag X Climbing Centre

2% Jazz Coffee

A relationship as old as our company.

Learn more about 2% Jazz Coffee

Canuck and I

We spent 6 fascinating months documenting the unlikely bond between Canuck, a wild crow, and his human friend Shawn.

Learn more about Canuck and I
Cultured Kombucha Branded Growlers

Cultured Kombucha

One of our own ventures, we’ve had the privilege to work alongside Cultured Kombucha every step of the way.

Learn more about Cultured Kombucha


Rolling up our sleeves, and getting our hands dirty, we produced this documentary series highlighting the fascinating world of natural homes.

Learn more about Groundwork

Rock Bay Cannabis

A great little internal brand identity project to get our very own mom-and-pot shop up and running.

Learn more about Rock Bay Cannabis
Case Study

BC Farmers’ Market Trail

The BC Association of Farmers' Markets came to us for a project that would drive visitors and connect tourism partners through farmers' markets across the province. Since its launch in 2018, the BC Farmers Market Trail has become a primary source of information on BC farmers' markets.

Learn more about BC Farmers’ Market Trail

Victoria Beer Week

Victoria’s craft community can’t slow down, and VBW saw the need for a better, broader beer festival.

Learn more about Victoria Beer Week

Downtown Victoria

The DVBA’s visual identity was holding back its vision for connecting the core.

Learn more about Downtown Victoria

Taco Justice

A desire to distance themselves from an ill-fitting identity brought Taco Justice into our arms.

Learn more about Taco Justice

Yonni’s Doughnuts

Creating a mascot for a doughnut shop is a dream come true.

Learn more about Yonni’s Doughnuts
Jones BBQ Horns Logo

Jones Bar•B•Que

You have to do it right when you’re messing with Texan barbeque.

Learn more about Jones Bar•B•Que


Middle Eastern street food worth falling in love with.

Learn more about Yalla

StreetSide Developments Calgary

Feeling limited by its user experience capabilities, StreetSide Developments Calgary asked for our help in designing and developing a modern, user-friendly corporate website.

Learn more about StreetSide Developments Calgary

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