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That’s why Chris Jones went to the source to learn how to make meat great. When he returned and asked us to design the brand and website, it was clearly about keeping things simple. Barbeque is making the most with what you’ve got. It doesn’t decorate or garnish. It feeds a family and feels good about it. So we gave Jones Bar•B•Que a Texas-big attitude and let the flavour fill in the rest. Damn tasty.

We came up with slogans as bold as the flavour of Jones Bar•B•Que
Menu and business cards designed by our creative team
A simple but effective website that displays the Jones Bar•B•Que identity
Jones Bar-B-Que wanted a traditional, lived-in smokehouse aesthetic for their menu board – so we designed and built a modular system of hand-lettered tags to represent all the goodies.
Designs for the Jones Bar•B•Que sandwich board