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Interconnector is the brain-child of our Owner and CEO Chris Nohr, who saw a gap in the virtual workspaces offered for hybrid businesses and decided to create his own solution. The resulting virtual work and play space is made for hosts, with the goal of making remote experiences more natural. It enables you to create better, with more engaging virtual meetings and experiences, and a little sprinkle of fun.

We created and tested features like project rooms which allow you to easily share a single link for recurring meetings, persistent tabs that allow you to collaborate using multiple resources like Youtube, Miro, Figma and Google Docs, and options for collaborative games to shake things up. Interconnector gives you the tools you need to make a hybrid workplace feel like home.

The Interconnector website home page designed and developed by our creative team


We experienced the shift from in-person work to remote, so we recognized the need for an interactive digital workspace. With this firsthand experience, our team got to work on a platform that could fill the gaps.


From concept to development, to design, Interconnector was an entirely in-house production. With several stages of development, there was constant collaboration across teams to ensure the project stayed on track.


At the heart of our strategy for Interconnector was the recognition that a digital workspace doesn’t have to be boring or purely functional. We wanted to create a platform that would be engaging and enjoyable, as well as useful. Achieving this goal required a lot of collaboration across multiple teams. Throughout the design and development process, we held regular meetings to share ideas and make sure that everyone was on the same page.


Making Interconnector a reality involved a multifaceted approach encompassing design, development, branding, and marketing. The development team began by collecting the goals of the project and building out the first stage of the platform with a focus on usability, and functionality.

Our creative team took over, establishing a clear brand identity that would be consistent across all aspects of the platform, from the logo and colour palette to the interface and marketing materials. A custom selection of palettes, wordmarks, logos, illustrations and other design elements were all created to bring the identity of Interconnector to life.

Our web designers polished the final site, improving the user interface to make using Interconnector straightforward and fun. When Interconnector was ready to launch, the marketing team stepped in to promote the platform and attract users.


Interconnector brings team together with shared tabs, interactive rooms, games and more.