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Given the opportunity to reimagine the Comox Valley’s consumer-facing tourism brand, everything was up for discussion – so in order to get to the bottom of who the Comox Valley is, and where it wants to go, we turned to the people!

We knew that in order to intrigue and connect with future visitors to the region, the locals had to be on board with the identity first. So our first step was to reach out and listen to members of the community. We gathered feedback from throughout the community, then reviewed it with the team at Experience Comox Valley to identify key regional values. Then, we set to work designing a new look for the Comox Valley that spoke to the locals.

The result is a welcoming brand visual that reflects the natural landscape of the Comox Valley, touching on regional elements ranging from the diversity and abundance of the land to the limitless potential for adventure and exploration. In collaboration with members of the K’ómoks First Nation, the brand colour palette reflects traditional tones found throughout the Comox Valley’s history – and hopefully well into its future.

Inspired by the land, culture, and energy of Comox Valley, the Visual Identity document lays out the entire brand.