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You could hear the energy and optimism in their message, but they were working with a craft-fair logo and an unhinged colour palette.

We worked with their team to rebuild their brand as the shared voice of a community. It begins with a new colour palette—bright and energetic, without using every crayon in the box. A contemporary hierarchy of fonts gives their words the authority they deserve. And to reflect the something-for-everyone nature of a healthy downtown, we developed an interlocking system of iconography/badges that form cities to suit every need. The refreshed Downtown Victoria stands as a city working for everyone, planning for the future, and rising to any challenge.

Mixing and matching icons creates a diverse and familiar city
The simplified new logo exudes confidence, urbanism, and authority
We designed and built this spinning tower of icons to allow people to interact with the new brand at events
The robust brand guidelines give their team the tools to create their own icons and add to the system