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If any project reflects what our team is capable of, it’s the BC Ale Trail. With more than 30 Destination Marketing Organization partners and 100+ brewery stakeholders, we’re proud to be their creative partner on this project. We’re especially honoured for its recognition as a finalist in the 2017 Canadian Tourism Awards.

The objectives of the BC Ale Trail are four-fold. We use a robust marketing plan to increase tourism activity in BC through increased awareness of BC’s world-class craft beer scene; to promote the province’s prominent craft beer regions and destinations, as defined by the growth of our provincial craft brewing community; to help establish and foster sustainable relationships between BC’s craft brewing community (breweries, brewpubs, tap-houses) and other established tourism sectors; and to amplify the voice of BC’s craft beer scene as a thriving industry responsible for world-class products.

The brand is easily adaptable while remaining thoroughly BC.
As the creative partners for the Ale Trail, our team is involved in every aspect of the campaign—ideation, design, development, production, launch, and management.

Working from DBC’s unique brand guidelines, we adapted it to suit the curious and exciting community of craft brewing.

A textural illustration style with hand-made whimsical character and a more vibrant colour palette bring the Trails' marketing to life.
The robust wordpress website is the home base of the campaign.
The interactive Ale Trail itineraries are the core, but an events system, breweries directory, active blog and the new Tasting Notes journal feature all prepare users for their beer-seeking adventures.

“The BC craft beer industry finally has a consumer-facing marketing platform worthy of our sector”

Ken Beattie, BC Craft Brewers Guild


Working closely with project stakeholders we developed regional Ale Trails to highlight BC craft beer and tourism in BC communities.


Facilitation of a brand, a website, and a marketing campaign.


Our team of creatives continue to execute a wide range of designs, new website features, and marketing campaigns.


Launched in 2016, the BC Ale Trail is a holistically comprehensive online resource for those interested in exploring the world of BC craft beer and the super, natural landscapes that surround them.

In collaboration with stakeholders, we have created regionally-focused tours, or “Ale Trails,” to deliver curated itineraries of breweries, restaurants, and relevant local attractions in a cohesive route as defined by either geography or mode of transportation.

The user-driven platform facilitates the delivery of information about BC’s craft beer scene, how that scene is connected to the surrounding landscape and communities, and how best to experience it. The website is navigable by regions, ale trails, or breweries, allowing users to decide what works best for them and their travel plans. Our targeted marketing plans involve digital, social and physical tactics, connecting the BC Ale Trail campaign with focus markets that continue to evolve as the BC Ale Trail grows.


Before beginning the website build, we had to determine the look and feel of the BC Ale Trail. Our team got together with the BC Ale Trail team and stakeholders to build out a brand identity document that aligns with the Destination British Columbia guidelines. This fulsome brand identity document includes everything from the logo, colours and fonts, to unique illustrations, and even brand guidelines for individual regions.

In addition to, our comprehensive marketing plan includes ongoing ad buys, digital marketing campaigns, and content creation in the form of blogs, photography and videography.

Our photography and videography team creates short videos that document the geography, culture, people, and, of course, beer that makes each tour worth visiting. Depending on the region, these videos look laterally at other sectors (established and developing) to connect craft beer tourists with the other tangible tourism attractions within reach of any given tour.


The Number continues to support the BC Ale Trail after several years, working hand in hand with the BC Craft Brewers Guild. We have a dedicated team of graphic designers, web developers, and project managers on hand to manage any and all requests from the BC Ale trail team. We capture video footage of new ale trails, coordinate influencer trips, manage social media campaigns, and produce creative assets.

We design physical and digital collateral like posters, tasting passport rack cards, area maps, beer can labels and boxes, merchandise, and more.

“We are thrilled with the stories and photography of the breweries in our region that are now showcased on”

Wendy Van Puymbroeck Kootenay Rockies Tourism