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When Christine and Cultured Kombucha were ready to expand into food, we developed the concept for the Rock Bay Market. The Number designers built a brand that is elegant and refined, yet casual and friendly – reflective of the people and the products that make up the Rock Bay Market.

In the spring and summer of 2020, we transformed a few dark, empty offices on the ground floor of our Rock Bay building into the bright shopping space that is now home to the Rock Bay Market. A century ago it was home to Roberts Grocer, owned by Henry & Jane O. Roberts, so it’s only fitting that this space returned to its roots as a locally owned market.

From lacto-fermented pickles – the first product to be stocked on the shelves – to locally produced groceries and ready-to-cook meals, to health and body products made by local foragers and creatives, the Rock Bay Market is always evolving with the seasons. Chef Cam Picyk is a lacto-fermenting wizard, constantly experimenting with fermenting techniques and a variety of local vegetables. From Pickled Fiddleheads to Red Pepper & Honey Hot Sauce, you’ll find a wide variety of lacto-fermented goods that are sure to increase your gut health and elevate your home-cooked meals.

Most recently, Rock Bay Market expanded into Rock Bay Market & Café! We are pleased to offer a wide variety of espresso-based drinks, loose-leaf teas, 9 flavours of Cultured Kombucha on tap, fresh baked goods, hot lunch items, and a whole lot of plant therapy.