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Christine is the owner and operator of Cultured Kombucha. Her team brews bright, flavourful, and gutsy kombucha at our compound in Victoria. To help this venture make a splash in the local market, creative designers from The Number built a bold, colourful, and cute brand to tell the Cultured Kombucha story. The goal was to make kombucha more approachable with designs that focus on the fresh, light and fun feeling of enjoying a unique bubbly beverage with health benefits!

Shortly after launching, Cultured Kombucha was awarded the 10 to Watch Award by Douglas Magazine in 2017. Their model of refillable, on-tap kombucha quickly became a local trend and kept their environmental footprint low. In 2020, they pivoted to cans and today Cultured Kombucha operates with a combination of cans and on-tap. Sold in grocery stores and restaurants all over the island, you’re sure to find this effervescent and healthy drink somewhere nearby! Today, Cultured Kombucha’s home base is the Rock Bay Market, Christine’s foray into locally sourced, wild and seasonal provisions.